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ARaymond is a global partner for automotive OEMs’ and tier-1 suppliers’ fastening and assembly needs. With 157 years of experience, ARaymond has the expertise and knowledge to stay up on the innovation and ever changing requirements of the industry.

Products Include:

  • Tinnerman Speed Nuts

  • On Serts

  • Palnut Stamped Nuts

  • Palnut Push-Ons

  • Tinnerman U-Nuts

  • Shaft Retainers

  • Panel & Trim Clips

  • Cable & Tube Clips

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Pick&Bond Process

This is a unique process that bonds the fastener to the material. The part itself is heated (not the adhesive), then is has the adhesive applied.


  • Works with a variety of fasteners

  • Full control over bonding parameters

  • Fast cycle times

  • Easy implementation



Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

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