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Military Buckles

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The design and function of each closure product in your products - whether it’s a Child Safty Seat,  PFD or Military / Defense equipment – we believe is hugely important. This belief was incorporated into the development of the original Side Release Buckle, and has been engineered into every product since. Your closure product are important, making ITW Nexus the Ultimate Connection.

We are experts in:

  • Buckles

  • Ladderlocs & Triglides

  • Rings, Hook, Retainers & Loops

  • Cord Products

Classic SR Dual Adjust.jpg


  • Classic SR

  • Classic SR Dual Adjust

  • Classic SR Split-Bar

GTSR Ladderloc Latch.jpg


  • GTSR Ladderloc Body

  • GTSR Ladderloc Latch

  • GTSR Loop Body

  • GTSR Loop Latch

  • GTSR Split-Bar Body

  • GTSR Split-Bar Latch

  • GTSR Waveloc Body

  • GTSR Waveloc Latch

  • GTSR Waveloc Spil-Bar Body

  • GTSR Waveloc Split-Bar Latch

150-5100 - Trovato Type 5.jpg


  • Trovato Type 5

  • TSR

  • TSR 200 Body

  • TSR 200 Ladderloc Body

  • TSR 200 Latch

  • TSR 63

  • TSR Dual Adjust

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