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he RivetKing RK-8000LS has an extra long stroke, is lightweight, ergonomic and shock resistant with triple jaws and a vacuum mandrel collection. This tools is perfect in long stroke applications such as in the use of structural rivets, peel rivets, triffold rivets, long length rivets, and rivets used outside the intended grip range.

RK-8000LS Premium Pneumatic Riveting Tool

    • Air Pressure 75-100psi Min/Max
    • Stroke 1.05 Inches
    • Pull Force 3,400 lbsF @90psi
    • Cycle Time 0.9 seconds Approximately
    • Noise Level 75 dB(A) Less than
    • Weight 3.74 lbs
    • Vibration 2.5m/s2 Less than
    • Hydraulic Oil Mobil DTFE 24
    • Nose Pieces 5/32, 3/16 , 1/4, 3/16 Monobolt 1/4 Monobolt All material rivets
    • Nose Pieces 1/8 Purchased Separately
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