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HellermannTyton manufactures a range of complementary, world-class industrial products. Proprietary, value-optimized engineering. Customer-inspired performance. We provide customers with mission-critical solutions to identify, connect, route and secure wire and cable.

We are experts in:

  • Bundling & Securing

  • Cable Tie Tools

  • Electrical Installation

  • Telecom

  • Routing, Protection & Insulation

  • & More

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HellermannTyton Product Catalog

Standard Cable Ties - Special Materials.jpeg

Cable Ties

Standard, Heavy Duty, Wide Strap, Low Profile, Stainless Steel, Double Head, etc.

MOC Cable Ties.jpeg

Self-Affixing Cable Ties

MOC, LOC, Arrowhead Mount, Stud Mount, Edge Clip, Button Head, etc.

Locking Clamps.jpeg

Bundle Separators

MOC to MOC, MOC to LOC, Dual Clamp, Dual Swivel, Bundle Separation

Masonry Mounts.jpeg

Cable Tie Mounts

Adhesive & Screw Bases, Push Mounts, Masonry Mounts, Grip Tie, etc.

Screw Mounting Bases.jpeg

Heavy Duty Cable Tie Mounts

Mechanical Fastener Secured (Single & Multiple), Stud Bolt, Fir Tree, Weld Stud

Ratchet P Clamps_edited.png

Ratchet Clamps

Ratchet P-Clamps, Inline Ratchet Clamps

Screw Mount Clips.jpeg


MOC, LOC, Arrowhead Mount, Stud Mount, Edge Clip, Button Head, etc.

Edge Clips.jpeg

Self-Affixing Clips

Bundling, Connector, Edge, Fir Tree, MOC, Push Pins, etc.

Hose Clamps.jpeg


MOC Clips to LOC Clamps, Hose, P-Clamps, Flat Ribbon

LOC Clamps with Fir Tree.jpeg

Self-Affixing Clamps

LOC Clamps w/ Fir Tree, Adhesive Cable Clamps, LOC Clamps w/ Stud Mount

ProCut Tool
Blind Hole Mount
Quick2Clamp Features

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