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The Rivstud® features a round serrated or hex shank body that installs in the same fashion as the Rivnut®. The Rivstud® is an ideal alternative to weld studs or clinch studs.

The Rivstud® fastener makes fastening easy as they:

  • Install blind eliminating the need to access the backside of the workpiece.

  • Install into galvanized or pre-painted materials without damaging the surface.

  • Install after finsih to elminate thread masking.

  • Install into material as thin as .020 or 0,5mm

  • Install without producing harmful dust, gas or electromagnetic fields.

  • Install into a wide range of material type and thickness.

  • Install with hand help pneumatic tools at any location on the assembly line.

The Rivstud® fastener is available in M5 to M8 thread sizes in steel with Zinc/Yellow finish. It is ideal for applications on vertical surfaces where the mating component can be “hung” on the Rivstud before final assembly is made with a mating nut.

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