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PLUSNUT® has been specially designed for integration into plastic parts, hollow sections or sheet metals requiring high ultimate thread strengths. The slotted shank splays out into four “petals” on the blind side of the base material providing a large bearing surface and maximum ultimate thread strength.

To learn more about PLUSNUT® (rivet nut) fasteners or speak with a Perlane Sales representative about design assist, please call (330-928-4866) or email ( us at anytime!

Choice of blind rivet nut bodies


  • Wide grip range for variable thickness materials

  • Wide grip range for part consolidation

  • Soft installation forces to avoid fracturing in soft or brittle materials

  • Available in steel, aluminum and stainless

  • Available in 6-32 to 3/8-16 and M4 to M10 thread sizes


The PLUSNUT® Pre-Bulbed version has all of the benefits and features of the standard version but due to it being slightly expanded, it can be installed by applying torque to the fastener with a pneumatic torque style tool. It can also be installed with a simple hand wrench type tool that can be added to the Rivnut® PN-Plusnut® Pre-Bulbed consumer installation package.


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