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RIVNUT® P2007/P2007PN Hydraulic/pneumatic setting tool

The P2007 (P2207PN for PLUSNUT® applications) is the most versatile and ergonomic pull to pressure tool on the market. It utilizes a single trigger control with an automatic spin off. This process ensures a reliable installation while minimizing installation time. The P2007 will install M3-M10 RIVNUT® fasteners or RIVSTUD® fasteners into a variety of thicknesses using pull to pressure technology.



  • Capacity up to 15 units/minute

  • Max. setting stroke: 7 mm

  • M 4 - M 10 steel; M 5 - M 12 aluminium; M 4 - M 8 stainless steel

  • Max. setting pressure: 21,000 N

  • Weight: 2.2 kg


  • Single stage trigger controls complete installation sequence

  • Automatic timed reverse spin and stop for maximum speed

  • Installs 20 to 30 pieces per minute

  • Ergonomic grip and balance for operator comfort

  • Lightweight and compact: 4.9 lbs

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