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Peace of mind


Perlane is a leading supply chain partner providing solutions in manufacturing, quality, and logistics.

We help customers reduce total cost, remove complexity and achieve stable quality, eliminating the headache of C-parts.

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Our solutions

We offer customized solutions to reduce the different cost-driving factors in the C-parts value chain. The solution areas and details below have emerged over years of experience in adapting our offer to meet customer requirements. We are a global team that acts locally based on your needs and possibilities.

Source according to your specific needs

Simplify and reduce cost over time

Utilize our possibilities to improve together

Secure sustainability, quality and deliveries


Meeting 100% of your needs.

Your optimal solution

Supply chain

In-house development and production of special parts 

C-parts may be a tiny part of your operation, but it’s our core business, providing you with an optimized selection of suppliers.

We have dedicated specialists in each step, from sourcing appropriate suppliers to quality control and logistics.

Direct and early contact to engineering and production expertise for your special parts project.


For streamlining and cost reduction.



One delivery

Reducing the number of suppliers and parts is reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

Achieving effortless replenishment and secured stock level of C-parts, eliminating shortages and downtime caused by human error.

Reducing the number of contacts, transports, invoices, and routines makes life easier.


Utilize our possibilities to improve together based on experience and industry best practices.

Warehouse and logistics

Kitting and assembly


Better utilization of staff, space and equipment based on knowledge and facts.

Your parts already kitted in bags, or assembled.

When you need deeper C-parts expertise than you have available in-house.


Securing quality and on-time delivery in a sustainable way.



On-time delivery

Sustainability matters, also for C-parts.

Quality excellence is key.

On-time delivery in full is a prerequisite for effective business.

The solutionist

We take end-to-end responsibility to make sure that you have an efficient supply chain system.


We are the C-parts sourcing partner for a wide range of customers in almost any industry from furniture to aerospace.

Strategic partnership

We support your global or multinational organization in streamlining and developing your business.

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