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Renewable Energy

Everything is trending towards going green and being sustainable. We are here for it! Products that last are crucial to the longevity and cost-effectiveness of these initiatives. 

Renewable Energy Fastening Solutions

Perlane’s products have been holding Aerospace and Defense products together for decades. From the original Rivnut Engineered Fastener Products invented to attach deicer boots to aircraft 80 years ago to our new RivFloat, floating, blind installed Rivet Nut, we have the engineered fastening and assembly systems to meet today’s needs.

For new designs and applications, a Perlane fastening specialist will visit your facility, consult with you on your assembly requirements, assist in fastener selection, and demonstrate the most efficient installation procedures. Here are some examples of where you’ll see our products in use.

Solar Energy

Perlane Sales supplies a variety of specialty fasteners used to assemble military vehicles, communication shelters, and advanced electronics and electronic systems for battlefield management. We stock NAS and MS versions of Rivnut type products as well as OEM specific parts.

Wind Energy

Our Rivnut Fastener was developed by BFGoodrich in order to attached newly invented(1936) deicer boots to the leading edge of fixed wing aircraft. The Rivnut type fastener concept is in use today on multiple fixed wing aircraft programs. Applications from wing skin attachment to internal structural and non structural use, our fastening systems have been relied on for years while new designs are constantly being developed for the new challenges of the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

Electric Vehicle

Our Bumax product is being used in a variety of marine applications where high corrosion resistance and “The Strongest Bolts in the World” are required. Having been developed for the Euro market, we are now bringing it to the US market. The proprietary material and manufacturing process of these fasteners accounts for their superior performance versus the standardly applied stainless fasteners.

Energy Storage

Perlane helped develop the Teardrop Rivnut Fastener for use in extruded composite materials where blind installed, high strength, locking threads, and anti-torque features were required. The joined materials are at the forefront of aircraft composite technology.

Connect with our Military & Defense industry expert.

We are problem solvers and solution finders. Let our military & defense experts provide you with recommendations for your project or application.

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