Swing Action Latches

MA Swing Door Locks

Quality and style are the essence of the McCoy Series of entry door locks. They provide a solid feel for actuation and offer a variety of finishes in 100% marine-grade corrosion-resistant materials to present a premium quality look for stylish swinging door installations. Durable lock mechanisms offer a variety of features for performance and aesthetics in upscale applications. They eliminate visible mounting hardware on the front or back of the door for a more elegant presentation.

MR Omni Door Latches

Attractive, versatile, and easy-to-install, these Omni Door Latches deliver a flush-face solution for a variety of door thicknesses. Their recessed handles provide a deep grip for operating latch and opening door. Numerous variations of the basic Omni design make it an all-around choice for numerous door-installation formats. Their common design makes all of them equally easy to install with simple door panel preparation.

ME Offshore Swing Door Latches

Simple styling and numerous installation options make these latches extremely practical for a wide variety of entry-door applications. A series of attractive design and finish options provide appropriate accents. Multiple mounting styles accommodate mating of curved or sliding doors at odd angles. ME Offshore Style Latches are available in three mounting styles with a variety of standard features and options to accommodate numerous installation requirements.

MA Magnetic Cabin Door Latch

316 stainless steel. Easy installation and quiet operation. Suitable for swing doors and available in different handle, knob, and striker styles with a bright or brushed finish and key locking option.

MC Compact Swing Door Latches

Two installation styles provide attractive design and finish options across a variety of door thicknesses to bring a graceful look to interior door applications such as cabin, stateroom, and head-door use. These attractive compact designs, available in choice of mortise or clamshell installation styles, fit a variety of door thicknesses with easy installation.

MC Compact Swing Door Latches

Southco M5 Slide Latches provide heavy-duty, marine-grade construction with a variety of options and designs. Suitable for swing doors, M5 Slide Latches feature an adjustable slide bolt and can be rim or flush mounted with several different striker styles. Stylish and easy to operate, M5 latches provide flexibility and functionality with a clean look for marine applications. The durable latches ensure security and are resistant to salt spray and the elements.


TM Swim Door Latch

Sleek styling, low-profile simplicity, a solid feel, and corrosion-resistant performance make this latch a natural choice for applications that do not require keylocking security— such as transom doors, fly bridges, or refrigerator doors. And an electropolished finish ensures that there’s no need to compromise looks for performance – in marine, RV, industrial, or commercial applications. Marine-grade construction – CF-8M, the nominal cast equivalent of 316SS – provides long-lasting performance in harsh marine environments. An ample handhold provides an easy grip – even with wet hands – for transom doors, flying bridge doors, windshields, and more.