Sliding Action Latches

MM Star Slider/Star Talon/Talon Sliding Door Locks

Both of these stylish Mobella lock families deliver the consistent look and convenience of the “One look, One lock” concept. Their attractive designs provide a sleek look that complements a wide range of boats. And their durable construction provides long-lasting performance even in harsh marine environments. Rugged construction, corrosion-resistant materials, and attractive designs make these locks desirable for use in top-of-the-line marine environment applications. Various accessory handle, anti-rattle handle, self-adjusting door hook, and top-stop door-hold features equip them for quieter and more reliable use in rough seas.

MF Flush and ProFlush Sliding Door Latches

Internally contained actuation handle creates a flush profile on thin panel doors to eliminate snags and permit doors to fit completely into recessed pockets. Available in multiple finishes and with curved or angled contour to satisfy most design formats. Fully sealed ProFlush model provides watertight fit and other advantages. Designed specifically for quick, easy installation on 12.5 mm (.50″) doors, can also accommodate thinner profile doors, when used with spacer accessory.

MG Entry Door Locks

These versatile, streamlined key-actuated locks are designed for secure performance with a variety of swinging and sliding doors, bi-fold doors, washboard doors, hatches, and companionway drop-in panels. Multiple design and finish options satisfy most applications, including compatibility with other One Look-One Lock products. Durable lock mechanisms include 100% marine-grade construction options to deliver solid performance in a variety of door styles. Clean, low-profile designs minimize snagging, and include outside keylocking with interior privacy lock actuation.

M5 Magnetic Transom Latches

316 stainless steel. Suitable for sliding doors. Rim or flush mount with adjustable slide bolt. Single our double sided and locking option available.