Self Adjusting Latches

57 Spring Latch Self-Adjusting Compression Latches

Versatile, affordable, and forgiving, this extremely economical class of compression latches is Southco’s easiest way to make panels fit just right with a quick fraction of a turn. Its cam action spring pawl accommodates wide variations in grip range, fit, and build tolerances. A wide range of latch sizes and actuation styles complement the versatile performance of this self-adjusting spring cam design. They satisfy a broad spectrum of applications where specific compression forces are not critical.

24 Flush T-Handle Style Self-Adjusting Compression Latches

Get the convenience of Southco self-adjusting compression latch design in a heartier construction. This latch enables you to apply sufficient compression to hold doors tight and rattle-free in heavier applications, yet still opens quickly and easily with a simple flip and rotation of the handle. Recessed cup with folding T-handle design provides sufficient leverage without taking up exterior space on door. Permits up to 1110N (250 lbs.) maximum working load applied to pawl where it contacts the frame.

16/27/48 Single-Hole Mount Self-Adjusting Compression Latches

Provide firm compressive action to reduce panel vibration and noise, with these unobtrusive, compact latch designs. Multiple actuation styles offer choice of hand-actuated convenience or tool-actuated restricted-access security, with just a fraction of a turn. When closing, pawl rides along threaded shaft until engaging frame, then an extra turn adjusts the amount of compression applied. To open, a short turn releases the compression and rotates pawl away from frame.

14/43/44 Three-Hole Mount Self-Adjusting Compression Latches

Just a fraction of a turn on a hand-actuated knob style or a tool-actuated style is all it takes to engage or disengage firm compressive action that reduces panel vibration and noise. The pawl rides smoothly on a threaded screw mechanism to provide quick and easy user-adjusted compression. Operating the latch requires just a short turn to release the compression and rotate the pawl away from frame. A variety of hand-actuated and tool-actuated styles offer choices between quick-access convenience and tool- or key-restricted security.