Removable Hinges

96 Removable Lift-Off Hinges

Southco’s 96 hinges allow doors to be removed quickly, easily and safely without the use of tools. A non lift-off configuration allows for permanent installation, and the hinges are available in multiple styles to satisfy a variety of applications. Stainless steel, satin chrome and polished chrome provide a stylish finish and enhanced application aesthetic. The 96 line provides designers with a range of choices for design flexibility in a cost-effective solution. The 96 hinges are available in a variety of mounting styles – in-line, offset, front, rear or flush mount – to suit cabinet construction or create a cleaner exterior presentation.

F6 Retractable Door Removal Hinges

Offering a variety of retractable and removable pin designs, F6 hinges permit tool-free door removal for easier end-user access across a wide range of size and strength requirements. Multiple sizes, constructions, and frame leaf options accommodate a variety of enclosure constructions, and enable door and frame leaves to be installed independently for greater fabrication flexibility.