Positioning Hinges

E6 Adjustable Torque Position Control Hinges

Allow users the flexibility to define and adjust the operating effort required to move or position panels. E6 hinges provide infinite control over door positioning and accommodate variables in enclosure construction – without added hardware or installation costs. Aesthetic designs and concealed mounting hardware options provide a clean presentation. With the turn of a screw, these hinges allow users to define the level of resistance. Once adjusted, the positioning torque stays consistent throughout the full range of motion and will hold doors steady in any position.

E6/ST Constant Torque Position Control Hinges

Southco’s line of Constant Torque Position Control Hinges provide constant resistance throughout the entire range of motion, enabling users to easily position doors, display screens and other mounted components and hold them securely at any desired angle – fully opened, fully closed or anywhere in between. Hinges are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials and torque ranges to satisfy application needs across industries. The E6 /  ST class eliminates the need for secondary supports to hold hinged components in position.

C6/G6 Detent Hinges

Southco’s Detent Hinge series offer multiple design advantages for door positioning applications, including multiple detents, corrosion-resistant construction and a clean, streamlined appearance that complements industrial design. All models provide proven strength and cycle life, and offer a 180° range of motion for easy access to enclosures for servicing or maintaining equipment. Fixed-position detent hinges hold doors open at predetermined angles and eliminate the cost and labor of installing additional components to maintain consistent positioning.