Manufacturer Information

Distributor/Representative for Bollhoff Rivnut®, Hartwell latches, hinges and nylatch®, ITW Nexus plastic buckles, ITW Waterbury metal hardware, hook and loop, webbing, binding, zippers, special cold headed and standard fastener products.

Bollhoff Rivnut – RIVNUT® / RIVKLE®

Blind rivet nuts and studs are the most versatile solution for fastening a load bearing nut or bolt thread to components when tapped threads are not possible due to the wall thickness.


Latching devices, fasteners and systems. Adjustable trigger- lock latches, quick release hinges, draw latches, and cabinet catches. Nylatch fastening systems, panel fasteners, PC standoffs, plastic rivets and pawl latches.

ITW Nexus Products

Side release buckles, engineered closures, plastic hardware components.

ITW Waterbury Buckle

Metal buckles and hardware for strapping and attachment applications.

Sherex Fastening Solutions

Manufacturing and distribution of blind rivet nuts and specialty fasteners.