Lift & Turn Latches

M1 Compression Latch

Who says you can’t have it all? Now, for installations that demand style as well as waterproof sealing, you can! Get the integrated look of a flush-mount latch, ease-of-use of a lift-and-turn latch, and sealing performance of a compression latch – all in one, the Southco M1. The sleek flush-mount design of these latches gives designers a more stylish alternative for delivering the functionality of compressive action that provides a watertight seal and dampens vibration to reduce noise and rattle. Simply lift the handle to release compression; and turn to have the pawl clear the frame.

62 Lift & Turn Compression Latch

Enhance a variety of enclosure designs with quick and easy access by using the multiple advantages of these practical, stylish latches. They provide precise pull-up compression without rubbing or wear on the pawl, and are available in a variety of finishes to complement virtually any installation. Dual function – compression latch and door handle – in one assembly. Easy to install and easy to operate. Simply lift the handle to release the compression, and turn it to rotate the pawl out from behind the frame.

M5 T-Handle Compression Latches

316 stainless steel. Top or back mounting with hidden mounting hardware. Round or Square style. Spring loaded handle for anti-rattle operation. Available with and without locking.

M5 D-Handle Compression Latches

316 stainless steel. Available with and without locking. Offers a red mark indicator for unlatched position and  3mm (1/16”) compression.

N2 Heavy Duty Lift & Turn Compression Latches

Durable construction, simple mechanical action, and consistent pull-up compression provide snug closure for heavy-duty applications in off-highway equipment or industrial equipment. The T-handle provides an ample handhold for end users wearing bulky work gloves, yet folds down for minimal protrusion.A stainless steel version delivers corrosion resistance for harsh environments and higher loads. From its solid stainless steel shaft to its easy-to-grip T-handle, this rugged latch is designed to operate reliably in heavier duty applications. Its intuitive lever-action mechanism generates sufficient compression to hold doors snug and rattle-free, despite the vibration of heavy diesel engines or the shocks of rough terrain.