Lever Latches

C2 Lever Latch

Easy to install, and easy to operate, these popular low-profile lever latches present a sleek look for highly visible installations. A discretely mounted trigger mechanism (flush or slightly raised) is provided to release the built-in handle for use. Compressive action pulls door tight, without rubbing action and without wear on latch contact point or frame. A broad grip range – up to 23 mm (.91″) – provides for easy grip adjustment to accommodate grip changes over time.

C5 Sealed Lever Latches

The patented award-winning design of these sealed lever latches gives application designers a more stylish alternative for achieving compressive sealing and easy grip adjustment. Combines latch and door handle capability, with or without key and tool access for enhanced security. Streamlined looks and easy operation make this compression latch an ideal choice for highly visible installations requiring a secure, sealed fit. Compressive action pulls door tight without rubbing action or wear on pawl or frame.


M5 Adjustable Lever Latches

316 stainless steel. Features an adjustable lever screw and provides compression when handle is folded. Single hole installation.


A2/A7 Over-Center Lever Latches

Combining strength, ease of installation, and simplicity of operation, these heavy-duty lever-action latches provide door-closing leverage for heavier gasketed door applications. The single-motion opening action of latch applies built-in leverage against the keeper to provide mechanical advantage to help pry stuck doors open. Integrated latch and handle assemblies with over-center toggle action keep latches secure, and prevent accidental opening due to shock or vibration.