Flexible Draw Latches

37 Lever-Assisted Latches

Long handles provide added leverage for high clamp loads in closing these flexible latch bodies. Both of these lever-assisted latch styles are available in long latch bodies to cover long spans. And both include built-in detents to help keep handles in the closed position and prevent accidental opening due to shock or vibration. EPDM rubber latch bodies provide a high modulus of elasticity, giving them tight closure, vibration resistance, and the flexibility to accommodate mounting dimension variations.

C7 Soft Draw Latches

A smooth low-profile design, executed in a soft thermoplastic elastomer, gives this latch the ability to combine stylish looks with forgiving performance for vibration or misalignment in use. The ability to conceal all working mechanisms and mounting hardware under the closed latch provides a clean look in any application. The soft body construction of these latches quiets vibration and provides satisfactory performance despite misalignment.

37 One-Piece Flexible Handle Latches

These industrial style handles are a very forgiving solution for imperfectly aligned panels in co-planar applications. Their flexible stretch-and-latch design and substantial handgrip area make them easy to engage in field conditions, even with gloved hands. The flexible, black EPDM rubber handles absorb and reduce vibration, and provide the flexibility to ensure tight latch grip despite variations in alignment and tolerance.

F7 Flexible T-Handle Latches

These flexible handle latches adapt well to alignment irregularities in field use. But no matter how they are mounted or latched, their non-corrosive non-conductive UV-resistant thermoplastic elastomer handles provide consistent vibration-absorbing benefits for quiet and secure closure. The flexible, black thermoplastic elastomer handle is enhanced with a variety of additional features and options to provide smooth trouble-free performance under real-world conditions.