Fixed Grip Draw Latches

97 Over-Center Series Latches

Lever-actuated operation creates over-center action, and the simple, attractive design of this latch incorporates natural tension right into the curved latch-spring mechanism, to prevent accidental opening. Multiple sizes, finishes, keeper designs, and other options satisfy a variety of application requirements. The curved latching blade provides built-in tension and flexing to absorb shock, vibration, or variations in mounting dimensions, without additional visible springs. Folding down the lever pulls mating in-line panels tight.

TL Over-Center Series Latches

Southco’s Over-Center Series Latches provide a mechanical advantage through lever actuated, over-center action that pulls panels together and holds them secure. Available in multiple sizes, these latches offer design flexibility for a variety of applications. These latches are available in a wide range of wire bail options, including straight bails for maximum strength, and curved bails that flex to compensate for variation in mounting or gasket set.

V2/V3/V4 Versa-Latch Series Draw Latches

The Versa-Latch design incorporates an external torsion spring to accommodate dimensional irregularities between panel and frame in applications where the latch and keeper remain on the same plane. This built-in variation accounts for irregularities or changes in panel or gasket fit over time. Multiple latch sizes, available in multiple materials, accommodate the same amount of application variances between frame and panel.

V7 Over-Center Series Latches

A gently curved low-profile surface-mount design and an optional keylocking feature complement the robust performance of this latch with attractive styling and enhanced security. The high-strength body encloses all working hardware, for improved aesthetics and tamper-resistance. Fixed-grip design positions panels accurately. Simple lever action provides secure latching with quick and easy access.

07 Living Hinge Draw Latches

Choose this thin-profile design, featuring the leverage and secure closing of an over-center latching mechanism, for edge-mating panels. Simply snap it shut and flip it open. Slim-line styling presents a clean look with very little protrusion to disrupt the enclosure design or cause accidental snagging of personnel or clothing. Dual hinge points molded right into the latch body create over-center latching action with one continuous motion. The low-cost injection molded design is available with or without a secondary catch for added security.