Decoupling of vibration and noises. With SNAPLOC® plug-in connections for quick and easy joining.

The two-piece SNAPLOC® fastening system consists of a ball stud and a coupling for quick assembly and is based on the principle of a simple snap or plug-in connection.


Two-piece design, for easy assembly. When the ball stud snaps into the ball socket inside the coupling, a tolerance‑compensating, vibration and noise‑decoupling joint is formed.


SNAPLOC® can be used in many different sectors, for example in plant engineering for extraction ducts in rolling mills, in filtration systems for attaching the filter frames, or in crane building for cab housings.
Decoupling SNAPLOC® plug‑in connections are also widely used in the automotive industry.

Product benefits
  • Quick and easy assembly
    and disassembly
  • Vibration and noise decoupling
  • Tolerance compensation in center distances
  • Easy integration