Large Thread Rivet Nut Family

Unified Thread sizes Available from 1/2-13 to 3/4″
Metric Thread sizes Available from M12-M16.

Rivet Nut Catalog

Large & In Charge

The first product line of its kind, offering Rivet Nuts up to 3/4-10 (M20)

Features and Benefits

  • Provide a strong thread in thin sheet materials
  • Can be installed from one side of the work piece
  • Do not need to be welded to the base material
  • Available in a round body or a full Hex body for increased spin out resistance
  • Plated with a ROHS Complaint Zinc Trivalent clear plating

Sizes and Styles

Unified Sizes Available:

  • 1/2″ Round body & Hex body
  • 5/8″ Round body & Hex body
  • 3/4″ Round body

Metric Sizes Available:

  • M12 Round body & Hex body
  • M16 Round body & Hex body

More Information

Large Thread Rivet Nut Applications

Utility Poles Attachments

 Truck Frame Attachments

 Vending Machine Leg Leveler

Attach Components on Railcars