Counterbalanced position control hinges, available across a range of torque values, provide a refined solution for positioning heavier objects. They eliminate the need for door stays, require no adjustments, fit in minimal space, and easily integrate into product designs. Constant-torque technology holds panels steady in any desired position throughout the full range of motion. The all-metal ST series hinges deliver rugged, long-lasting, high-torque performance in a compact package. Counterbalanced positioning hinges provide lift assist to reduce the required operator effort and give the designer the ability to control the desired user-effort to position panels or screens.


The ST series of compact hinges provide ease in positioning objects and holding them steady in any orientation. Their size and torque values fit designs ranging from the smallest web-cams and consumer electronics to portable computer screens, LCD displays, point-of-sale terminals, medical equipment and larger enclosure panels. ST hinges provide refined ergonomic performance to enhance any application with a smooth, consistent motion for a feeling of precision and quality. The all-metal ST series hinges deliver rugged, long-lasting, high-torque performance in a compact package. Base designs are available in multiple size, configuration, and torque variations to satisfy a wide variety of application needs.


Provide invisible, bi-stable functionality that forces hinged components to drive to one of two fixed positions 180 degrees apart. With “flip style” ease designed specifically for small access doors and covers, the G7 allows customers to integrate reliable door positioning into small molded plastic applications in a manner that is quick, cost effective and user friendly. The compact, tested solution means reduced down time for maintenance and proven performance likely surpassing the lifetime of the application. The G7 delivers a customizable, validated solution with consistent results. The specific installation requirement of an injection mold makes the mechanism particularly practical for mass production, new designs and design refreshes.