The self-contained Southco® EA-P1 PIN/Prox Access Controller delivers keyless entry with enhanced security for use with Southco electromechanical latches. Southco’s EA-P1 PIN/Prox Reader delivers keyless entry for streamlined access management via a combination keypad proximity card controller. The reader provides a basic input for Southco electromechanical latch (eml) products and enables a cost-effective solution for obtaining heightened security that accommodates multiple users with ease. The EA-P1 can be easily programmed with up to five unique PIN codes and 9,999 prox cards. The software-free installation features the feedback of an LED and audible beeper, and a relay output integrates directly with electronic locks. The EA-P1 provides key features for customers looking to simplify the transition from mechanical to electronic access.


Southco’s EA-P3 High Frequency RFID Access Controller enables electronic credential management without having to connect to a network, or install additional hardware or software. The EA-P3 High Frequency RFID Access Controller provides a simplified, affordable access control solution for applications where remote control and monitoring are not necessary. The EA-P3 High Frequency RFID Access Controller enables access electronic control using proximity cards and is simple to install, set up and operate.


The EA-P3 Proximity Reader provides secure, non-contact access control in a compact, easy-to-use design. It reads 125 kHz HID compatible proximity cards and produces a standard output common to most systems. The EA-P3 is easily integrated with most existing building access control systems. The 125 kHz Proximity Card Reader is well suited to applications requiring a simplified, affordable access control devices that uses existing 125 kHz HID access cards. An LED provides visual feedback of card acceptance, and the lightweight unit installs quickly and easily.


Eliminate the need for physical key management and provide higher security with this self-contained access control solution. Offering a smooth transition from mechanical to electronic access, the plug-and-play keypad is easily installed and programmed. The self-contained keypad integrates directly with electronic locks or latches for a complete access management solution.


The Southco Electronic Key System provides an efficient solution for key management issues. User-friendly and easily programmable, the self-contained system allows different access privileges across a large number of enclosures and is ideal for battery operated systems and applications with many users. A key fob, information reader and validation controller all work together seamlessly with Southco electromechanical locks. Users can program, add and delete keys with the simple press of a button and are ensured security with 280 trillion possible key codes. The self-contained Electronic Key System takes the guesswork out of key management and eliminates issues associated with mechanical keys, forgotten pin numbers and multiple access challenges.


Provides convenient and time-saving locking and unlocking ability to multiple access points, adding indispensable security to non-automotive vehicles. Designed specifically for the environmental and storage needs of utility trucks, marine crafts, RVs, and ambulances, the EA-R01 emits a visual and sound confirmation, eliminating the need to manually check individual secured compartments. The EA-R01 uses a palm-size transmitter with a compact, potted receiver that can withstand harsh environments. The electronic access device provides secure storage and monitoring access in applications for commercial, specialty, and off-highway vehicles.



The EA-R02 Remote Control enables remote actuation of Southco electromechanical locks in a compact, economical package. The palm-sized RF transmitter communicates with an easily-placed receiver for convenient, hands-free locking and unlocking. A simple setup and installation ensure the easy transition from mechanical to electronic access. The EA-R02 is well suited to applications where remote access is needed, including transportation and industrial machinery. The unit—which includes the receiver, two transmitters and wire harnesses—provides convenient security and peace of mind.



The Membrane Keypad Access Controller simplifies access management with keyless entry in a self-contained unit. Designed to accommodate industrial equipment needs, the Membrane Keypad is easily customized and can be simply adhered to a door or frame. The remote controller can be mounted anywhere inside a cabinet and provides two outputs for independent control of two separate compartments. Flexible and easy to use, it can be customized to accommodate any look, shape or feel. The Membrane Keypad Access Controller provides simplified access control for any electronic lock. It eliminates mechanical key management with simple keypad access for up to 120 user codes. Two outputs provide additional security where independent access is required for multiple compartments. Programming options provide a simple method for controlling access times and setting up access codes.



Southco’s EA-A06 USB Controller allows the independent, computer-controlled operation of up to 14 different electronic locks and other devices when connected to a standard computer USB port. The EA-A06, in conjunction with an existing computer, enables the user to easily track and record access to the electronic locks, providing an audit trail that can be used to help demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements. The EA-A06 features a user-friendly interface with simple programming commands that can be used with existing customer software, simplifying the configuration, operation and monitoring of the electronic devices through a single computer – eliminating the need for additional access hardware or devices.