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Rotary Latches

AC Cables

Available in seven different options and end fitting styles to suit a wide range of application requirements, Southco’s AC Cables connect our line of actuators and rotary latches for remote actuation. Constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials, Southco’s AC Cables are suitable for use in both interior and exterior environments. AC Cables are available in various styles and options to suit a wide range of application requirements. 

  • R4-EM 8 Series Electronic Rotary Latches
    The R4-EM 8 Series Electronic Rotary Latch Series combines the efficient and robust performance of a rotary latch mechanism with simplified DC motor actuation. The R4-EM 8 Series is available with an optional door sensor, integrated connector and mechanical override bracket. Flexible, concealed installation provides vandal-resistance and accommodates a variety of cabinet designs. The R4-EM 8 Series enables simplified electronic locking and monitoring for applications that incorporate intelligent electronic control systems.
  • R4 Rotary Latches
    These robust latching solutions for doors and panels of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles combine rotary-action security with push-to-close convenience. Their compact design provides concealed operation, while tolerating misalignment on closing, engaging easily with low closing force, and latching firmly with a snug, secure fit. Durable materials, corrosion-resistant plating, and robust construction make these latches suitable for demanding environments. Easy operating mechanism and versatile actuation options make latches easy to adapt to a variety of installations.
  • R4 Push To Close Latches
    Stylish, ergonomic design. Ambidextrous installation option permits consistent handle orientation. Lightweight, durable corrosion-resistant material. Rotary action cam for easy opening.
  • R4-EM 1 & 2 Series Electronic Rotary Latches
    Easy to install and maintain, the 1 & 2 Series R4-EM delivers the convenience of electronic access control with the security of a proven, robust, all-metal rotary latch design in a compact, integrated package. Easy push-to-close operation and electronic actuation simplify access across a wide variety of applications. An optional microswitch provides feedback on latch status, and a delayed re-lock version keeps a door unlocked for manual opening/closing cycles. A gear-motor drive distinguishes the R4-EM latch from competitive solenoid driven electromechanical latches – with lower power requirements, higher load capability, and a better feel to latch operation. The delayed re-lock version provides the flexibility of controlling the unlock time while monitoring remotely with an integral microswitch option.
  • R4-EM 4 & 6 Series Electronic Rotary Latches
    Convenient and reliable, the 4 & 6 Series R4-EM delivers proven electronic access control in a compact, lightweight integrated package. Easy push-to-close operation and simple installation make the R4-EM ideal for transitioning from mechanical to electronic access. An optional microswitch provides feedback on latch status. The R4-EM is available in both auto re-lock and delayed re-lock versions for added flexibility. The 4 & 6 Series R4-EM features a microprocessor controlled gearmotor with low power requirements. Multiple mounting configurations and a compact size afford easy integration into existing designs. The latch eliminates key management and accepts access control signals from a variety of devices including key fobs, keypads and proximity cards.
  • R4-EM 5 & 7 Series Electronic Rotary Latches
    Southco’s R4-EM 5 & 7 Series Electronic Rotary Latch provides reliable electronic access control in demanding environments. With its corrosion-resistant plated-steel or stainless steel outer body construction and fully-sealed internal actuator, the Outdoor R4-EM provides reliable electronic locking that is resistant to moisture and dust. The embedded electronic control allows integration with an external control system and flexible, concealed installation provides vandal-resistance and accommodates a variety of outdoor applications.
  • R4-EM 9 Series Electronic Rotary Latches
    Southco’s R4-EM 9 Series Electronic Rotary Latch delivers next generation electronic latching through microprocessor controlled actuation, providing highly intelligent, reliable electronic access. The internal microprocessor allows expanded intelligence with integrated door and lock status sensing for complete security monitoring. Lightweight extended housing offers increased tamper resistance, while an integrated connector and snap-on manual over-ride bracket simplify installation. Additionally, the 9 Series offers an optional open/close detent feature to prevent unintended door release. The R4-EM 9 Series features an intelligent internal microprocessor that enables expanded programing capability and complete customization of latch functionality.
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