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Electronic Access & Locking Solutions

Slide Latches


Southco’s Slide Latches offer vibration resistance and tolerate misalignment to hold panels securely in place. Simple slide to latch, hand operation allows easy removal for access or maintenance, offering design flexibility for a variety of applications. TL Slide Latches tolerate a wide range of product variations, accommodating build tolerances in manufacturing, and allowing panels to self-align.

Swell Action Latches

Quick and easy access, with convenient single-hole mounting, plus latch and handle in one assembly, are just the start of this latch family’s benefits. Its swell-action rubber collar is forgiving of misalignment and provides compressive pull-up to dampen vibration and minimize rattles. The flexible design of the swell action operation makes it practical for use in blind installation applications and with a wide variety of panel and frame materials. All styles are easy to install, with just a single hole in the door and one in the frame. No receptacle is required on frame.

Spring Loaded Plungers


Southco’s 56 Spring-Loaded Plungers provide convenient installation and removal of components. Activated with a simple “pull,” these plungers offer simplified positioning of sliding component and quick-release for easy removal. The 56 series provides design flexibility for limited space applications, and can be used as a locator pin in sliding applications or quick-release hinge pin for removable doors or drawers. A relatively short retraction stroke – about 3.7 (.15″) – and spring-loaded tension ensures positive engagement/disengagement of plunger in limited space applications.

Nylatch Panel Fasteners


Provide low total installed cost as a replacement for screws, nuts, and bolts. Multiple diameter options – .188″, .250″, and .313″ – each with multiple grip ranges. Adjusts to hole misalignment and panel thickness tolerances. Mix and match grommet and plunger colors, three head styles. Non-conductive, non-corrosive materials.

Low installed cost for high-speed high-volume assembly applications. Simultaneously installs in both panel and frame with a tap on the stud head. Quarter turn releases panel, yet retains fastener in removable panel. Add optional wing handle for convenience, remove for lower profile. Tamper-proof or easy-grip head styles. Non-conductive, non-corrosive materials.

Fast Lead Captive Screws


Get the functionality of a “quicker” screw fastening solution and the ease of more forgiving alignment, for frequently accessed applications. These fasteners use a modified Acme thread to combine quick and easy engagement like a quarter-turn fastener provides, with the tightening power and grip of a captive screw. A variety of head styles and receptacle styles makes it easy to adapt the common benefits of quick, sure fastening performance to a number of materials and mounting conditions. Choose from small, medium, and large sizes to suit working load and dimensional requirements.

Lockwell Quick Release Pins


These precision-made single-acting pins provide quick, easy, positive engagement for applications requiring frequent, repetitive use. Detent balls at end of pin fit snugly against mating surface for vibration-resistant performance. Pushbutton actuation lets balls retract into pin, allowing for easy insertion or removal. Rugged designs in a variety of pin diameters, lengths, and construction materials satisfy a wide range of application requirements for locating, positioning, or retaining objects. All provide positive engagement with one-hand operation, making them a desirable alternative to nuts and bolts, cotter pins, or lynch pins.

DZUS TTC Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Precision fit, aesthetics, strength, and numerous stud sizes, styles, and receptacles make this quarter-turn quick-access fastener line a leading choice for a wide variety of applications. Precision rolling creates a perfect fit, even at low to moderate order volumes. Multiple surface-finish styles complement a variety of applications. 



The simplicity of a quarter turn is all it takes to secure panels quickly and easily with these versatile little fasteners. Numerous head styles, stud lengths, receptacle styles, and accessories, provide flexibility for accommodating many specific mounting requirements. These space-saving fasteners provide a precise fit within a defined grip limit of 0.5 mm (.02″), for accurate positioning of panels. This makes them a good solution for sheet metal applications where dimensions are constant. Fasteners are available in 0.5 mm (.02″) stud length increments to provide the opportunity to match the application precisely.


These versatile, economical quarter turn fasteners for high-volume light-duty applications provide a low installed cost, attractive aesthetics, and more generous tolerance ranges than other quarter turn fasteners. Built-in detents indicate full engagement, while a spring-action feature provides a degree of vibration resistance. Corrosion-resistant, non-conductive material is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. Molded construction makes it easy to configure various headstyles and stud lengths to suit specific application needs.


The DZUS® D9 Tech Line Quarter-Turn Fastener combines Southco’s proven quarter-turn and captive fastening technologies to create a next generation solution that provides consistent, reliable clamping force and quick access. The DZUS® D9 Tech Line Quarter-Turn Fastener features a captive, spring-loaded design and tool-free operation that prevents over tightening. The DZUS® D9 Tech Line provides consistent, reliable clamping force to prevent damage caused by over tightening.


Southco’s DZUS® D5 Panel Line Quarter-Turn Fastener features a flare-in stud assembly, eliminating the possibility of dropped or lost hardware components. Designed for quick-access, the DZUS® D5 Panel Line Quarter-Turn Fastener provides accurate, secure engagement and vibration resistance for demanding applications across industries. Southco offers a wide range of DZUS® D5 Fasteners that provide enhanced functionality in addition to Aerospace grade D5 Panel Line Quarter-Turn Fasteners that meet Aerospace certification requirements. The assembly consists of a flare cup spring and stud which is captive to the equipment panel when installed.


Favorable lead times for a variety of popular styles and sizes provide an attractive competitive alternative. High cycle life provides for long-lasting use in repetitive access applications. Captive fastener options protect against lost hardware or equipment caused by dropped fasteners. Job-matched receptacles simplify installation and satisfy specific configuration and applications needs.



This versatile design offers a comprehensive range of low-cost, grip-tolerant solutions for high volume production applications. It provides a detent and positive stop for consistent positioning and vibration-resistant performance. Quick-access/quick-release provides a great alternative to threaded fasteners in frequently accessed installations. A Rapier fastener assembly comprises a spiral-cam stud, an optional stud retainer, and a receptacle. Each of these components is available in multiple sizes and styles to suit numerous application loads, material thickness dimensions, and configuration requirements.

DZUS PTC Quarter-Turn Fasteners

These two styles of quick access fasteners provide convenient installation and operation with grip tolerance and a wide range of tolerance for support panel and mounting panel thicknesses. They are available in metallic and thermoplastic constructions to suit mounting panel load requirements.

The same push-to-close, quarter-turn-to-open convenience is provided in two specific designs – the DZUS Pilot case-hardened steel fastener and the DZUS Arrow engineered thermoplastic fastener. Both styles feature common advantages:

  • Easy press-in installation and crisp, positive engagement of fasteners, with no tools required

  • Receptacles and fasteners both install from top side of panel for convenient access

  • Fastener studs disengage with a simple quarter turn, receptacles stay captive in panels

  • Removable panels can be disengaged and refastened to support panels multiple times

  • Standard receptacle sizes are based on the 9.5 mm square support hole common to rack rails in network, telecom, and computer applications

  • Headstyles include tool-actuated designs for controlled-access security

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