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Rivets & Other Hardware


Southco provides one-stop shopping convenience for enclosure manufacturers needing access hardware and gaskets to provide environmental sealing or minimize rattle. Multiple gasket configuration options provide good compression characteristics, seal out dust/moisture, dampen rattle due to vibration, and compensate for surface contour irregularities. These flexible bulb-type gaskets work well with Southco compression latches for noise reduction as well as satisfying a variety of wet and dry sealing applications. Multiple mounting configurations and sealing profiles fit a variety of enclosure applications.

Inserts & Standoffs


Create high-strength “permanent” bonding of diverse materials such as metal, wood and masonry, in through-hole and blind-hole applications, with affordable Southco Drive Rivets. Easy installation and removal make Drive Rivets an easy choice for field work, with a very economical total installed cost, as well as de-install cost. All Southco Drive Rivets are just as easy to install, regardless of size or style – just insert in hole and drive pin flush to top of rivet with hammer or pneumatic tool. Pin forces prongs of rivet to flare out below or within fastened materials, creating a strong grip. Leaves a clean non-snagging head when fully installed.

Create loop and install easily with a simple push on the plunger. Pull on plunger to release cable and re-use clamp. Accommodate panel thicknesses from .36 mm (.014″) to 5.1 mm (.201″). Multi-hole design accommodates wire bundles, tubing, etc. from 6.4 mm (.25″) to 38.1 mm (1.5″) in diameter. Ideal for blind hole mounting.


Southco’s MonoSert and DuoSert DM Inserts provide simple front-mount installation, solid connections, and interchangeability for thin-panel mounting in rack and enclosure installations. They are an ideal fit for IT-style racks, with a lower installed cost than cage nuts and with greater flexibility for reconfiguration in the field. These easy-to-install inserts provide a better, more cost-efficient alternative to conventional cage nuts. They require no special tools, install from the front of the rack or panel, and are easily repositioned to permit interchangeability of components in the field.

Surface Mount
Flush/Low Profile
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