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Inject/Eject Mechanisms

Swing Action Latches


Industry-standard fit is complemented by ergonomically friendly design enhancements that provide an ample grip, easily accessible release button, and low operating force for easier use. The paired upper and lower ejector handle designs include a microswitch interface in the lower ejector for electrical protection during board swapping. This handle offers a more ergonomic and competitively priced alternative for popular CompactPCI board applications. It’s availability also enhances Southco’s one-stop-shopping convenience for mounting hardware, captive screws, fasteners, and inject/eject levers for a wide variety of modular computing equipment boards and components.

P7 ATCA COMPLIANT FACEPLATE MOUNTING HARDWAREHere is a fully compliant single-source solution that makes it easy to meet the Advanced TCA PICMG 3.0 R2.0 specifications for faceplate mounting in telecom computer-rack-system installations. As a bonus, bundled pricing is available for users who purchase the complete solution. A robust inject/eject mechanism is combined with guide pins and a variety of Southco captive screws to provide a complete and fully ATCA-compliant faceplate mounting hardware package.


Meet the requirements of the AMC.0 specifications for mezzanine-card modules – plus, enjoy added benefits of durability, user convenience, and aesthetic options – with these robust, die-cast module handles and light pipes developed specifically to keep pace with evolving PICMG telecom server standards. The module handles lock mezzanine cards securely in place when closed, and provide for automatic microswitch disengagement when unlatched. Light pipe brackets identify the operating status of the module and its mating microswitch through the use of color-coded status LEDs visible from the front of the module faceplate.

Designed to secure electronics modules that are larger and heavier than just a line card or printed circuit board, these mechanisms insert and eject modules with one simple motion. They are even available in a tool-secured style to meet industry standards for restricted access. A cam-handle design provides the leverage needed for larger applications. It provides a linear pull-up of 10 mm (.39″) of travel between its fully extended and fully retracted positions. Closing motion forces pawl into frame and pulls it up tight. Opening motion forces door and frame apart, and withdraws pawl from frame.

Available in heavy-duty, light-duty, and VME ejector styles. Include provisions for EMC shielding and ESD grounding. Secondary catch available for vibration resistance.


These robust modules satisfy requirements of the AdvancedTCA® Base Specification for telecom applications – including the drop test – without additional support components. And multiple keying configurations provide any plug-in circuit board application with the ability to limit connections to only appropriately keyed boards. These matched keying and receptacle modules are designed to ensure accurate alignment and to limit mating capabilities to the appropriate matched plug-in boards. They are both a durable and affordable alternative for fulfilling industry standards or simply assuring compatible board use in modular applications.

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