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Push To Close Latches



Easy installation, multiple actuation choices, quick action for opening and closing door panels, and flexible locking options make these compact push-to-close latches a user favorite for a wide range of enclosures. All offer keylocking security, including some with the option to operate without needing the key every time. Multiple actuation choices for a common latching mechanism make it easy for these easy-to-use latches to meet your personal preferences or application requirements.


Choose push-to-close, twist-to-open convenience in an elegant design that actually enhances performance. An anti-vibration feature keeps enclosures quiet, despite normal vibrations. This highly designed latch is offered in two different mechanisms, and multiple finishes, for door and for drawer applications. The sturdy design and construction of this stylish latch provides both aesthetic and functional benefits for vibration-susceptible applications. A secondary slide mechanism applies spring tension to dampen the effects of vibration.

The beauty of recessed knob storage and three attractive finishes, plus some adjustment for misalignment, complements the ease of use and push-to-close convenience of this design. Latch holds securely whether knob is pressed in or popped out. Knob sits flush when not in use, but pops out to provide a secure grip to operate the latch and open the door.



All of these molded-plastic slide latches provide a low installed cost, plus convenient installation and operation, with differences in the size and grip style of each latch designed to suit individual applications. All offer snap-in installation in a single rectangular hole, and all use a simple sliding action to open. Choose slide latch style and size according to your application dimensions. Molded-in tabs are used to grip the appropriate sheet metal thickness.


Need a quick solution for latching applications that go beyond traditional panel-against-frame applications? Now you can combine push button opening and push-to-close convenience in an easy-to-install snap-in latch that suits co-planar panel mating applications. Unique molded acetal latching mechanism flexes during push-to-close operation, enabling latch to work with sliding panels on the same plane, or with mating panels on the front of a clamshell-type enclosure.


Here’s the ultimate recess-mounted slide latch housing – one that can be mounted completely behind the door panel, by welding, rivets, or a thin-profile flush-mount trimplate with integral mounting studs. Spring-loaded latch slide operates from inside or outside of enclosure, opens quickly, and closes with just a push. Latch housing mounts to interior of door panel, with or without optional mounting trimplate on exterior of panel. When used without trimplate or optional keylock option, limits on panel thickness are virtually eliminated.


A great latching mechanism for sliding door or clamshell compartment door applications. A dual-pawl design provides double the gripping power and keeps the latch centered on the “T”-shaped striker. Simple push-to-close action engages both pawls around striker and holds fast, despite forces applied by twisting or torque. The Grabber is a non-locking rim latch with a “T” shaped striker included. Simply push latch against striker to close. Rotating the latch knob causes the two spring-loaded pawls to retract from the striker.


Add the convenience of push-to-close operation on your enclosure, with this compact, robust latch that is easy to install and easy to operate. Just a quarter turn of the knob or hex socket retracts the slide for easy opening, and a simple push snaps the latch shut again. These latches install quickly, using a threaded sleeve with lockwasher to clamp the latch body in position on the door panel. Slim-profile latch housing takes up little space inside the enclosure. Specify latches by grip/frame thickness, in either of two actuation styles.

Visible Pull to Open Latches


Attractive flush-mount styling, a recessed handle, and concealed mounting hardware give these latches an appealing look. A solid feel and push-to-close convenience give them appealing functionality. And corrosion-resistant construction keeps them functional and looking beautiful for a long time, even in outdoor applications. Installs easily from front of panel through single round-hole, and attaches from rear with mounting bracket and hardware. Fits flush to panel when installed, with minimal protrusion inside of cabinet.

M1-2F DUAL SIDE LATCHESVersatility blends with practicality and aesthetic design in this push-to-close latch that offers multiple choices of latch engagement and locking capabilities. The built-in latch actuator in the flush-mount housing doubles as a door handle, and the overall assembly requires relatively little space on the interior of the cabinet. This full-featured latch combines everything required for operation – locking, actuation, and door handle – on the flush-mounted face of the unit.


The basic look and function of this entire line is elegant in its simplicity. The flat paddle in a flush-mount cup provides simplicity of design; the enclosed slide mechanism provides simplicity of operation. Lift paddle to retract slide and open door. Push door to close, and spring-loaded slide slips back behind frame. Flat, rectangular shape complements any panel or enclosure. Ample width of paddle within recessed cup provides a convenient grasp to operate latch.

M5 FLUSH PULL LATCHES316 stainless steel or nylon designed for waterproof compartments. Bat handle, slim handle, and D-handle styles available with or without locking. Offers 3mm (1/16″) compression.


Delivers style, quality, and security for entry door and baggage door use in RV, trailer, and commercial transportation applications – with attractive standard and custom finishes, low-profile installation, ergonomic performance, and flexible keylocking security options. Rugged die-cast construction complements robust performance with the ability to shape paddle handles for attractive aesthetics and user comfort. The versatility of interchangeable lock plugs permits extensive user control over keycode assignments – including hundreds of standard keycodes, the ability to add master key capabilities, and the option of sharing “one key” convenience among multiple latch styles within the same installation.

When your door or drawer design calls for elegant simplicity, make it a point to choose the new push-to-close Southco Point Latch. Its flush-mount design features a retractable metal pull knob that pops up at the push of a button to provide a consistent grip and a solid feeling of quality in the latch’s operation. And the latch can be slammed closed and remain secured regardless of the knob’s position – exposed or retracted. Stylish lines, available with several flange shapes and with multiple chrome- or brass-plated finishes, help the Point latch complement virtually any decor.


Strong, stylish, and easy to operate, these low-profile push-to-close latches offer a practical solution for convenient, carefree operation on vertical or horizontal doors, panels, and hatch covers. Built-in spring-loaded pull serves as latch actuator and door handle through one continuous motion, then keeps panel quiet once it is slammed shut. Contemporary styling and construction makes this one easy latch to install and use. Simply install latch through single hole in panel and cinch up the rear-mount bracket with two mounting screws. Rugged polycarbonate/ABS body withstands repetitive use of slam-shut convenience.



Here’s a compact latch well suited for limited-space applications using thin sheet-metal panels. Once the latch body is installed in the door panel, it is easy to open and close the panel quickly and easily. Simply squeeze the protruding latch tabs to open, and push the latch/panel to close. Installation is quick and simple. Latch body snaps into single rectangular hole to mount on panel, then mates into single rectangular hole on frame as panel is closed.


Stylish, ergonomic design. Ambidextrous installation option permits consistent handle orientation. Lightweight, durable corrosion-resistant material and rotary action cam for easy opening.


The beauty of recessed knob storage and three attractive finishes, plus some adjustment for misalignment, complements the ease of use and push-to-close convenience of this design. Latch holds securely whether knob is pressed in or popped out. Knob sits flush when not in use, but pops out to provide a secure grip to operate the latch and open the door.

Concealed Pull to Open Latches


Get an extra degree of closure force on doors, with this compact latch’s internal spring-loaded pawl that provides over-center latching. The built-in pull-up provides tension to help prevent looseness or rattle of the door against the frame. Built-in microswitch option provides added functionality. Latching function is accomplished in a relatively low-profile mechanism, just 13.7 mm (.54″) thick. Over-center action actually pulls door tighter to latch, releasing it when you pull to open door.

Gain a lot of flexibility in applications where you can use these magnetic fastening latches instead of mechanically actuated latches. They have no moving parts, are great for lightweight sheet metal doors and enclosures, tolerate misalignment, and can even be used with non-metallic enclosures by adding a steel strike plate. These magnetic catches provide several different installation options. Magnetic operation can eliminate need for latch hardware on door, for a cleaner look and more affordable installation.

MT PARROT PANEL LATCHESParrot Panel Latches are a quick and easy choice for installation on interior or exterior panels that overhang their mating surface. Design enables you to disengage latch and open panel with a single continuous motion. A silicone bumper dampens the sound of the latch when closing, for true “slam-to-close” convenience. The broad spring-loaded handle provides a convenient grip for opening, while the dampening pad softens the sound of slamming the latch closed.


The simple, yet efficient design of the Snappy Latch provides for positive latch engagement with a simple push-to-close motion, then releases automatically when the panel is lifted. The user never even touches the latch. It’s a great choice for applications requiring frequent access with an economy of motion. The self-actuating design of the fully concealed Snappy Panel Latch makes it one of the easiest latches to use. Its self-adjusting pawl automatically accommodates misalignment.


Molded acetal body and nylon strike provide high-reliability for 50,000+ cycles. Easy installation and alignment permits adjustable closing pressure. Concealed operation suitable for small cabinet doors. Non-corrosive, non-conductive material.

Concealed Push to Open Latches


Fully concealed installation and simple spring-actuated engagement make it as easy to design an attractive enclosure as it is easy to install and operate the latch. Latch body simply snaps into frame. Open or close the latch with just a touch of a finger on the front of the door panel. Adhesive-mounted keeper assembly is easy to align. Insert keeper into installed latch, peel protective backing off of keeper, and close door against adhesive for perfectly aligned installation, without externally visible hardware.


Compact latch installs between panel and frame surface. Easy operation – press door to latch, press to open. The floating receptacle allows for forgiving alignment. Sturdy all-steel construction. Side- and rear-mounting holes for installation flexibility.


This slim-profile magnetically actuated latch provides smooth, secure deadbolt operation that prevents accidental opening of sliding drawers, cabinets, or wardrobe doors due to high seas or rough terrain in marine or RV applications. Flush installation and attractive aesthetic finishes complement upscale interior cabin installations. A clean, rugged design provides practical functionality and robust performance for both door or drawer applications. Recognized with a Special Mention in the 2008 DAME, Design Awards METS, the latch offers an innovative design, styling and ease of use. Corrosion-resistant construction stands up to marine and RV application environments.


Pin Latches deliver corrosion resistance and durability to compartments with overhanging lids. The latch is opened by pushing the sprung pin, which has the option to be padlocked for added security. A ring pull inside the compartment serves as an emergency escape should this be required. Alternatively the latch can be used in the reverse orientation and deployed using a stylish knob. Whichever variant is used, the latch can be slam closed. Heavy-duty latch operates with a rounded retractable pin protruding from cabinet wall for actuation. The mating striker plate features a grooved ramp to engage the retractable latch pin, for convenient slam-shut operation.

Concealed Remote Actuated Latches


These robust latching solutions for doors and panels of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles combine rotary-action security with push-to-close convenience. Their compact design provides concealed operation, while tolerating misalignment on closing, engaging easily with low closing force, and latching firmly with a snug, secure fit. Durable materials, corrosion-resistant plating, and robust construction make these latches suitable for demanding environments. Easy operating mechanism and versatile actuation options make latches easy to adapt to a variety of installations.


2014 Award Winner – OEM Off-Highway Innovators Top 10 Products


Steel-to steel contact makes this one of the strongest Southco push-to-close latches. The actuator button can be slightly exposed or recessed to remain hidden in door edge. There is an optional floating keeper that aids alignment, an integral spring ejects door upon opening, and the multi-point version securely latches wide doors.


These diverse actuator designs complete Southco’s system for remote actuation of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty rotary latches using a cable connection. Multiple cable placement options satisfy in-line and perpendicular cable orientations. Ample hand-grip promotes easy user operation; low protrusion improves enclosure aesthetics. Three styles provide easy operating convenience when paired with Southco cables for remote actuation of rotary latches in non-sealed applications ranging from engine hoods, and tool boxes to baggage doors, access doors, entry doors, and other compartments. All three actuator styles are compatible with R4 Series Rotary Latches.


Available in seven different options and end fitting styles to suit a wide range of application requirements, Southco’s AC Cables connect our line of actuators and rotary latches for remote actuation. Constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials, Southco’s AC Cables are suitable for use in both interior and exterior environments.

Visible Turn to Open
Visible Slide to Open
Concealed Remote
Visible Pull to Open
Concealed Push to Close
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