Concealed Remote Actuated Latches

R4 Rotary Latches

These robust latching solutions for doors and panels of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles combine rotary-action security with push-to-close convenience. Their compact design provides concealed operation, while tolerating misalignment on closing, engaging easily with low closing force, and latching firmly with a snug, secure fit. Durable materials, corrosion-resistant plating, and robust construction make these latches suitable for demanding environments. Easy operating mechanism and versatile actuation options make latches easy to adapt to a variety of installations.

2014 Award Winner – OEM Off-Highway Innovators Top 10 Products

E2 Hidden Panel-Latching Systems

Steel-to steel contact makes this one of the strongest Southco push-to-close latches. The actuator button can be slightly exposed or recessed to remain hidden in door edge. There is an optional floating keeper that aids alignment, an integral spring ejects door upon opening, and the multi-point version securely latches wide doors.

AC Actuators

These diverse actuator designs complete Southco’s system for remote actuation of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty rotary latches using a cable connection. Multiple cable placement options satisfy in-line and perpendicular cable orientations. Ample hand-grip promotes easy user operation; low protrusion improves enclosure aesthetics. Three styles provide easy operating convenience when paired with Southco cables for remote actuation of rotary latches in non-sealed applications ranging from engine hoods, and tool boxes to baggage doors, access doors, entry doors, and other compartments. All three actuator styles are compatible with R4 Series Rotary Latches.

AC Cables

Available in seven different options and end fitting styles to suit a wide range of application requirements, Southco’s AC Cables connect our line of actuators and rotary latches for remote actuation. Constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials, Southco’s AC Cables are suitable for use in both interior and exterior environments.

MT Sundecker Panel Latches

When you want to mount and/or actuate a push-to-close latch from a variety of angles or locations, the Sundecker Panel Latch provides loads of versatility. The substantially sized latch body tolerates strong pulling forces, and the remote latch actuation option helps keep latch points free from external hardware. The basic push-to-close slide mechanism in this latch is enhanced with a strong body design and multiple latch and release options to create a versatile concealed latch solution for applications where smaller latches just don’t work.