Concealed Pull to Open Latches

C3 Grabber Catch Latches

Get an extra degree of closure force on doors, with this compact latch’s internal spring-loaded pawl that provides over-center latching. The built-in pull-up provides tension to help prevent looseness or rattle of the door against the frame. Built-in microswitch option provides added functionality. Latching function is accomplished in a relatively low-profile mechanism, just 13.7 mm (.54″) thick. Over-center action actually pulls door tighter to latch, releasing it when you pull to open door.

02 Magnetic Catch Latches

Gain a lot of flexibility in applications where you can use these magnetic fastening latches instead of mechanically actuated latches. They have no moving parts, are great for lightweight sheet metal doors and enclosures, tolerate misalignment, and can even be used with non-metallic enclosures by adding a steel strike plate. These magnetic catches provide several different installation options. Magnetic operation can eliminate need for latch hardware on door, for a cleaner look and more affordable installation.

MT Parrot Panel Latches

Parrot Panel Latches are a quick and easy choice for installation on interior or exterior panels that overhang their mating surface. Design enables you to disengage latch and open panel with a single continuous motion. A silicone bumper dampens the sound of the latch when closing, for true “slam-to-close” convenience. The broad spring-loaded handle provides a convenient grip for opening, while the dampening pad softens the sound of slamming the latch closed.

MT Snappy Panel Latches

The simple, yet efficient design of the Snappy Latch provides for positive latch engagement with a simple push-to-close motion, then releases automatically when the panel is lifted. The user never even touches the latch. It’s a great choice for applications requiring frequent access with an economy of motion. The self-actuating design of the fully concealed Snappy Panel Latch makes it one of the easiest latches to use. Its self-adjusting pawl automatically accommodates misalignment.

T9 Detent Cabinet Latches

Molded acetal body and nylon strike provide high-reliability for 50,000+ cycles. Easy installation and alignment permits adjustable closing pressure. Concealed operation suitable for small cabinet doors. Non-corrosive, non-conductive material.