Southco 47 Class captive screws (and the corresponding color-coded “Prism” 4C Class captive screws), offer hundreds of permutations of installation and tool-actuation styles for mounting doors, panels, and other hardware components in limited-space applications.

As one of the most popular Southco fastener styles, these versatile captive screws have evolved to provide numerous features to satisfy unique fastening hardware application needs:

  • Standard Phillips and Torx® recesses as well as combination recesses available

  • Screw head doubles as knob for hand actuation

  • Stylized knob for hand actuation, and ratchet-mechanism or smooth knobs for restricted access

  • Spring ejected design retracts threads when not engaged

  • Heat-treated steel screw provides superior torque strength

  • “Prism” colored fasteners enable you to coordinate hardware to your design scheme or to differentiate access points through color



Captive fastening in tight spaces is no problem with the reduced footprint of these Miniature Series captive screws. Combination tool-head recesses and knurled screw options provide lots of versatility for fastening/unfastening by hand or with tools.

These miniature captive screws have been enhanced from their original design to include:

  • Smaller footprint for limited-space applications

  • Screw head doubles as knob for hand actuation

  • Heat-treated steel screw provides superior torque strength

  • Standard Phillips and Torx® recesses as well as combination recesses available

  • Provides ample float in unfastened position



Get the functionality of a “quicker” screw fastening solution and the ease of more forgiving alignment, for frequently accessed applications. These fasteners use a modified Acme thread to combine quick and easy engagement like a quarter-turn fastener provides, with the tightening power and grip of a captive screw. A variety of head styles and receptacle styles makes it easy to adapt the common benefits of quick, sure fastening performance to a number of materials and mounting conditions. Choose from small, medium, and large sizes to suit working load and dimensional requirements.



These screws and captive screws provide an attractive polished finish and ample shaft length to mate with threaded receptacle on frame, throughout a range of panel thicknesses. They are available with or without spring ejection to retract the screw body when threads are disengaged. Each screw thread size dictates the total length and thread grip area of the screw, but comes with multiple standoff mounting dimensions to accommodate varying panel thicknesses.



Deliver captive screw solutions for applications where there is minimal space above the face of the panel, or where a flush-mount look is desired, by using this low-profile shell and mounting screw. For use in most aluminums or in low-carbon steels that are 1/4 hard or softer. Flush mount screws install in panels as thin as 1.3 mm (.05″). Screw fastens into a threaded insert or other threaded receptacle.



Speed-up panel replacement, and take advantage of captive fastening even with screw-side panels using threaded studs. Large knurled knob design allows for quick and easy fastening and enables user to control amount of torque applied. These captive nuts are press-fit into a clean round hole on the panel to provide permanent retention of the nut. Panels lay over protruding studs and captive nuts are tightened down.



Maintain consistent mechanical fastening and optimize heat-transfer performance between microprocessor and heat sink assemblies. Southco 5T Heat Sink Screws are designed to compensate for less-than-perfect alignment between microprocessor and circuit board and to allow for thermal expansion. A captive spring-loaded design helps maintain a positive mechanical connection with a set preload, even under conditions of shock, vibration, and thermal expansion.